Learn to be a Mechanic, Driver, Welder & Auto Electrician

The Automotive Servicing NCII course is about Automotive Mechanics and Diesel Mechanics. It consists of competencies that a trainee must achieve. To inspect, clean and repair mechanical or electrical parts, components, assemblies and sub-assemblies of light and heavy-duty automotive vehicle with gas or diesel engine in accordance with manufacturer’s specification.

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For decades, DITE Automotive School has been offering training on four-wheeled vehicles. But in 2011, we pioneered a course in motorcycle servicing to meet the demand of well trained and educated motorcycle mechanics in Davao City and other parts of Mindanao.


DITE partners with Toyota Motor Phils, Corp.

By 2015, DITE and  TOYOTA MOTOR PHILIPPINES CORPORATION (TMP) an automotive manufacturing company located at Sta Rosa Laguna became partners. Whereby, TMP accepts OJT’ exclusively from DITE for the area of Mindanao.

Our commitment as pioneering automotive school is to provide quality education in all technical vocational courses we offer; Automotive, Driving and Motorcycle.

Our experience over the years has enabled us to achieve a seamless system of infusing skills to the trainees. For decades, DITE automotive school has produced graduates who have gone to every corner of the world. They are able to integrate their skills into different societies here and abroad.

Our professional approach is seen in our commitment to excellence as it would reflect in our drive in constant improvement of our curriculum and facilities. The curriculum we are using mirrors our interest to keep up with the advanced technology.

Our dedicated educators are the best among their colleagues region wide, if not, nationwide. We are keen on regularly upgrading their knowledge and skills by consistently attending rigorous training seminars, skills improvement program and exposures as initiated by TESDA and the Automotive and Motor Industries.

Now, in the dawn of a new millennium, DITE technical vocational school is continually mutating, adapting itself to the ever present and continuously changing industry. The fast-paced technological advancement that we witness nowadays is the sole reason why we, as an institution, constantly develop new, useful and productive changes. We persist in this approach to achieve our mission and vision. Whereby benefiting the students, the school, the society and our beloved nation.


It has always been the desire of the founder of the Davao Institute of Technical Education, Inc. (DITE) formerly Davao Automotive School (DAS), the late Mike Guerrero Joaquin to educate and train young men and women on this side of the globe with skills and ability that helps support the backbone of our beloved country’s economy.

At the start, it was never pleasant for him having to do everything from the meanest work to clerical and from teaching to supervision. It was quite a one man show but every valley and mountain paid off because a dream was starting to come to its fulfillment. What can be more rewarding and satisfying than helping people achieve their goals and seeing them face life confidently and full of hope.

This school year 2016-17, on the onset of our 58th year, we would like to invite you to join us in this years’ journey and discover together what this year has in store for us.

To God our creator, who by His grace made all these things possible, be all glory, honor and thanksgiving!

Motorcycle/ Small Engine Servicing NCII

DITE Automotive School recently started training men and women in servicing motorcycle and small engines in national certificate two. Click here

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